Welcome to the Cygnific TalentPitch

We are very pleased that you are interested in joining Cygnific as a Customer Service Agent at the division Business to Trade (B2T)! Find information on the application process below. Here for the first time? Cool, go ahead and register or log in if you already started the TalentPitch before.

About the Cygnific TalentPitch

This unique application experience will give you an insight into the requirements of the function and assess your suitability for the job as a Customer Service Agent.

Please keep in mind that after finishing a section you will not be able to go back or edit your answers. The entire process should take approximately an hour and a half. We recommend that you complete your application in a quiet and comfortable place. You can log in and log out between sections as your progress will be saved.

Thank you for your interest in Cygnific, we hope you enjoy getting to know us and good luck!

Personal Information (1 minute)

Game - Experience the Job! (30 minutes)

Take the Braingame and Personality Questionnaire (40 minutes)

Extras (5 minutes)